“Sunset Hotel is located on the west side of Lemnos Island on a low hillside offering a beautiful view to the sunset on the Aegean sea and Mount Athos. It is 7km away from the Island capital town Myrina and just 100 meters from Agios Ioannis beach that has been awarded with a blue flag and is partly organized with umbrellas sun chairs and other facilities. In a walking distance from our hotel you will find beach side bars and taverns that offer a variety of seafood and the traditional Lemnos cuisine. A mini market is also close by that provides all the essentials. The traditional village of Kaspakas that just 2km away, presents a very interesting architectural aesthetic with α large square center with traditional stone buildings and cobbled narrow streets. You can reach Limnos by ferry or by air. Direct flights connect the island to Athens and Thessaloniki and by ferry to Athens (Lavrio) and Kavala. Sunset hotel is 17 km away from Lemnos Airport and 8 km from the port of Myrina.”

Enjoy Lemnos island beaches

Παραλία Αη Γιάννη Κάσπακας
Even a whole week in Lemnos is not enough to explore and enjoy its beaches! The island of Hephaestus offers so many beautiful places to swim, relax and sunbathe that the locals themselves have not even visited, and some of them have been awarded the Blue Flag as well as the beach of Saint John !

Local Gastronomy

Limnos is perhaps the most fertile island in the North Aegean. It has a very important agricultural production and therefore a wide variety of local products throughout the year. The island is known throughout Greece for its wide variety of cheeses such as Lemnos Kalathaki, Melichloro and Kaskavali. Most of these varieties are not mass produced and sold locally. However, a plate with different varieties of cheese is inconceivable to serve alone. A glass of local wine or tsipouro should accompany it. Lemnos wines such as Moschato Alexandria and Limnio are of exceptional quality due to the volcanic terrain of Lemnos.

limnos gastronomy

Activities in Lemnos

windsurf στη Λήμνο
Lemnos is a great island to explore and do many different things. Whether you are alone, couple or whole family, you have the opportunity to choose from a large list of activities you can do on the island, others simpler and more difficult to raise adrenaline! Beaches such as Keros attract many visitors who want to experience the waves from around the world. But for those who love diving, the long shoreline offers infinite points for exploration.